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Dave Kaye

".....Thank you Dave for an amazing job on my piano today. First class tuning and voicing and you made my piano sound wonderful again. Many, many thanks."

Tracie - piano teacher and AMEB examiner

".....Very friendly and professional. My piano sounds wonderful. As a beginner with a new piano, Dave was more than happy to answer my questions. I will definitely be using Dave as my regular piano tuner. Thanks Dave."

Yvonne - piano student

".....Dave did a great job. Friendly, efficient and my piano sounds wonderful. Thanks Dave."

Julie - Primary School Music Teacher

Servicing the Perth Metropolitan Area

Piano Tuning ($200)

Getting your piano tuned regularly is the most fundamental aspect of maintaining it. In most circumstance, your piano will be tuned to the standard pitch of A 440 Hz. If it has not been tuned on a regular basis or has been exposed to undesirable weather conditions or treatment, a pitch raise may also be necessary

Tuning your piano involves the precise adjustment of its approximately 220 strings. The strings exert around 18,000 kilograms of tension on the plate and frame. Changes in humidity, normal use, and basic principles of physics all contribute to a piano going out of tune. Depending on where you live, fluctuations in temperature that your piano is subjected to, the quality and condition of your piano, and how much it is played, your piano will likely need to be tuned between one and four times per year.

Pitch Raise ($100)

A pitch raise is a preliminary tuning done immediately prior to a fine tuning. It is necessary to bring the piano up to standard pitch in situations where circumstances have allowed the piano to fall beyond the reasonable range necessary for a stable fine-tuning. Since the strings are under enormous tension, this tension must be distributed evenly and be very close to that of standard pitch before performing a fine tuning.

Repairs ($90 per hour)

Pianos are composed of thousands of different parts made of wood, felt, plastics, rubber and metals. Inevitably, things wear out and break from routine use and age. As a general rule, all parts in a piano can be repaired or replaced as necessary. I am able to tend to your piano repair needs.

Piano Restoration (quotes)

Some people appreciate older style pianos, whether it be for their aesthetics or their particular tone. Others might have inherited Great Aunty Dora’s childhood piano and wish to keep it in the family for posterity and sentimental reasons. Some of these old pianos need a lot of work if they are going to be played and practised on for years to come. I restore old pianos and bring them back to life. I can answer all of your questions and provide you with a quote for the work involved.

Regulation (CALL)

Regulating is, in a nutshell, adjusting your piano so that it plays the way it was intended to play. A well-regulated piano is a pleasure to play and is responsive to the pianist.

Call out fee ($100)

if you are in need of advice regarding piano restoration, major repairs, purchasing or selling a piano just give me a call.

Piano Removals

I always call Andy at Forte Heavy removals and Logistics (www.forteheavyremovals.com.au) for all my piano removals. He is reliable, affordable and friendly and with his experience and know-how he can move any size piano, upright or grand, from A to B with the utmost of ease. Give him a call on 0439 503 000 for an obligation free quote.